Free Chip Repairs

Windshield Chip Repair in Phoenix Arizona

Free Rock Chip Repairs w/ any New Windshield Replacement


Free Mobile to Phoenix Area


$49.95 Value for Each Occurrence

Chips in a windshield can be a massive hassle. If you leave a chip to fester, then it can soon turn into a crack, meaning that your car will be off the road for some time as you wait for a windshield replacement company to complete their work.

If you are in Phoenix, Arizona, however, you can benefit from a great deal. If you decide to buy a new windshield from us, we can guarantee it against chips for its entire life. This provides great peace of mind and security for customers, with chips an everyday hazard of driving in a rocky, desert state such as Arizona.

That means that you can have chips repaired for free, with no charge to either you, or your insurance company. A typical chip repair without this guarantee can cost $49.95, a not insignificant amount of money. If your car suffers a few chips during a run of motoring misfortune, those dollars spent can soon add up.

We offer a valley-wide mobile service to drivers, another bonus. So if you need your windshield replacing, come and see us. Thanks to our superb offer, it may well be the last time that you ever pay for windshield replacement.